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As new hostas make it into my collection, I will update this list.  The number inside the parenthesis (2) is the number of eyes at the time of purchase/swap.


20th [Pahl’s Market]:  Winter Snow (1), Reversed Patriot (3)

22nd [Ken Farber]: Marion Bachman(3), Blue Canoe(1),
Galaxy Light(1), Dark Star(4), Norwalk Chartreuse(14),
Hercules(2), Galaxy(2), King James(1), Sea Dream(11),
Cream Cheese(4), Pistachio Cream(6), Purple & Gold(27),
Emerald Tiara(8), Hadspen Samphire(5), Olive Branch(2),
Lakeside Lollipop(10), Sea Ebony(4), Slick Willie (   ),
Regal Rhubarb(    ), Minnesota Nice(4), Gold Regal(4),
Abiqua Blue Crinkles(2), Streaked Blue Angel(5)

25th [Ken Farber]  Leviathan(4), Nancy Gill(4), Waving Winds(2)

28th [Chaska Farm & Garden]   Queen of the Seas(3), Rootin Tootin (3), Majestic (1), Final Summation (1), Ghost Spirit (12), Beckoning (1), Bright Lights (2), Cathedral Windows (2)

29th [Karla Selseth]  Komodo Dragon ( ), Dust Devil (7), Pineapple Poll (8), Inaho (3), Arc de Triomphe (2), Arctic Blast (1), Trumpet Lily “Triumphator”

30th [Pahl’s] Rainforest Sunrise(2)


1st [MN Hosta Society Sale]:  Dick Ward(  ), Summer Lovin'(  ), Ground Sulphur,  Mount Kirishima ( ), Summer Breeze ( ), Chain Lightening

7th [Gordy Dahlen]:  Miss Saigon (  ), Outhouse Delight(  ), Jewel of the Nile(  ), Grey Ghost(  ), Eternal Flame(  ), Sea Thunder(  ), Cascades(1), Scooter(  ), Lakeside Love Affaire( 1), Lakeside Dragonfly( 1), Ebb Tide(  ), Knockout(  ), Squash Casserole( 1)

12th [Terra] American Icon(2)

21st [Jim Westberg, Burnsville] September Sun (2), Just So (1)

21st [Harbor Lane-Jim Hartmann]:  London Fog (2), Heavenly Tiara (  ), Dancing Queen ( ), Guardian Angel ( ), Tropical Storm ( ), Komodo Dragon ( ), Marakech ( ), Lemon Delight (19), Hope(5), Royal Charm ( ), Kiwi Full Monti ( ), ‘XXX’ ( ), Great Arrival ( ), Ostrich Fern

24th [Home Depot]: Blazing Saddles ( ), tokudama ( ), tokudama Bright Lights ( ), Carolina Sunshine ( ), First Frost ( ) + 1 more

25th [Venero]: Garden Party (2), Mary Marie Ann (1)

29th [Harbor Lane-Jim Hartmann]:  Lakeside Shoremaster ( ), Sum and Subtle (1), Jane Ward ( ), + 1 more


5th [Hosta Swap-Dick]: fortunei Sharmon ( ), Carol ( ), Bruce’s Blue (1), Invincible ( ); [Bill/Dottie]: Carol (1); [Tammy]: Serendipity ( ), Grand Tiara ( ), Platinum Tiara ( ), Gypsy Rose ( ); [Cheri]: Choo Choo Train ( ), Iona (1), American Halo ( ); [Dotty]: fortunei Albopicta ( ), Torchlight ( ), Crumples ( ), Hirao Supreme ( ), Honeysong ( ), Sultana ( )

8th [Linders]:  Island Charm( )

10th [Specialty Perennials]:  Blue Ivory (1), Ivory Coast(1), Journey’s End (2), Seducer (1), Roller Coaster Ride (4), Eye Declare (1), Platinum Tiara (5), Royal Chameleon (1), Percy (2), Blue Jay (3). NOID (small gold with puckering-Likely Little Aurora)(4),  Cimicifuga Black Beauty

17th [Bachmans] Fire Island (7)

23rd [AHS National Convention] Gum Drop (1);  [Naylor Creek]: Victor (2), Color Festival (2), Justine (1), Heat Wave (3), Pamela Lee (2), Rhino Hide (1); [Jack’s] Majesty (3), Sargeant Pepper (4), Torchlight (1); [Jim Hartmann] Sweet Innocence (1); [Henjums] Ocean Isle (1); [Silvers Egbert] Vulcan (1), Cathedral Windows (1), Oreo Cream (4)


8th [Henjums] Little Treasure (1), Clovelly (1), Celestial (2), Biggie (1)

19th [Rick Rock, Baldwin WI]  Americana(1), Devil’s Advocate (1), Goodness Gracious (1), Devon Green (1)


16th [Naylor Creek via AHS Online Auction]:  Fat Cat (2), Prestige & Promise (2), Luna Moth (2)


18th [Fall Hosta Swap]  {Dick} Bright Glow(1); {Cheri} Hawkeye(1), Cadillac(1), Midas Touch(1);  {Dotty}: Edge of Night(3); {Julie}:  ventricosa Aureomaculata(1), Neat Splash(1), Fan Dance(1), Bridegroom(1), Banana Muffins(1); { Bill/Dottie}: Eola Sapphire(2), Creme de Menthe(1), Tattoo(2), Swoosh(1);  {Patrice}: Candy Hearts(2) Tiarella Black Snowflake; Heuchera Midnight Rose


American Halo got it 6/5
Blue Ivory got it 6/10
Candy Dish   rippled dark green
Choo Choo Train     solid gold mini got it 6/5
Christmas Candy – White center, green margin
Color Glory    dark margin, gold center
Dancing Queen got it!  5/21
Devon Green solid dark green
Emerald Scepter    small.  Green margin, gold center
First Frost
Gentle Giant         solid blue/green
Ghost Spirit      green margin.  Streaky gold center
Glen Tiara      wide gold margin.
Heat Wave      dark margin, gold center
Heavenly Tiara got it!  5/21
Invincible got it 6/5
Ivory Coast Got it 6/10
Journey’s End Narrow green margin, gold center got it 6/10
Lakeside Beach Captain        very wide green margin
Lakeside Shoremaster Very similar to LS Spellbinder got it 5/31
London Fog got it!  5/21
Lonesome Dove       narrow green margin, cream center
Magic Fire    wide cream streaky margin
Majesty   Wide Margined version of Sagae
Mango Tango      wide green margin, chartreuse center
Miss Tokyo    Wide white margin, bluish center
Pamela Lee    chartreuse margin, green center
Paradise Glory
Purple Haze    Green, but purple petioles streak to midrib
Roy Klehm      Medium green margin, gold center
Seducer got it 6/10
September Sun got it!  5/21
Sergeant Pepper subtle green center with wide gold margin
Summer Concerto  Gold Center with wide medium green margin
Torchlight Vase shaped.  Green w/cream margin got it 6/5
ventricosa Aureomaculata    Green margin streaking to chartreuse center Got it 9/18
Victor       Dark Green w/ DARK green center
White Wall Tire   Emerges white, turns green
Yellow River      white margin

Posted April 24, 2010 by koskashostas

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