YAY! Mulch sale at The Home Depot   4 comments

I’m picking up bags of mulch like a mad woman!
Home Depot is having a sale this weekend… Cypress mulch buy one get one free. It’s limit 20 and only while supplies last.
So, I have picked up 40 bags so far and am hoping to pick up at least 60 tomorrow.
$1.37 each is way too irresistible!

EDITED TO ADD:  This particular post is getting a lot of activity via searches.  So, I thought I’d tell ya that the last 3 years, Home Depot has had Cypress mulch on sale over Memorial weekend… For each of these years, it’s been about $2 per bag.  No guarantees that it’ll be like that this year, but something to think about as you plan for this Memorial weekend!


Posted April 10, 2010 by koskashostas in Garden Design, Uncategorized

4 responses to “YAY! Mulch sale at The Home Depot

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  1. 60 bags is a *lot* of hauling, girl, but $1.37 truly is irresistible! What a deal!

  2. I wish 60 would be enough. I looked back at a GW post last year and I used 145 in 2009. I hope to not be anywhere close to that this year, but there is always the possibility! Plus, I started a new garden that probably will need 15-20, just to get it started! Good to see you Amy!

  3. wish I had read your blog earlier and seenthis post — I’d have been all over this sale!

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