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The snow, that is!  Yesterday morning, there was one last patch of snow left in our yard…. of all places, it was in my SUN GARDEN!  What’s up with that?

The next door neighbor still has a bit of snow in her yard, next to her ice rink.

But, now that the snow is gone, again, I have snow mold to deal with…and I’m conflicted with whether to leave it alone (as my neighbor did last year, with only slightly worse results) or rake it this weekend.  I also have vole trails…something I’ve never dealt with before.  I’m told that a poison called Tomcat works well.  And then, there’s the spring clean up of last year’s foliage…only some of which was removed last fall.

So there’s lots to do even before the planting season begins!

I’ve got about 35 hostas, plus a dozen other plants on order for spring delivery… hopefully the first week of May, but at the rate we’re going, it looks like I’ll have to delay that a week or two.

I was looking at the 2010 Bloom Schedule and saw that my Bleeding Hearts were in bloom on 4/21.  Well that is NOT going to happen this year!  There is no sign of them even starting to sprout!

The Alliums are several inches tall, so I might get to enjoy those by 5/3, which is when they were in bloom last year.

I hope to do a better job updating the bloom schedule this year.  The plants I added last year aren’t on there at all!

Happy Spring everyone!

Posted April 7, 2011 by koskashostas in Hostas

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