Home Depot Cypress Mulch Sale again!   Leave a comment

Well, I need to mark my calendar.  Last year, Home Depot had mulch on sale this same weekend.

Normally, it’s $2.75 per 2cu ft bag.  Right now, it’s $1.37 thru Sunday.  Limit 20 per customer.  We went tonight around 7:00 and since they weren’t busy, the checker in the garden center let us have as many bags as we wanted.  Turned out to be 40 bags per trip, but Home Depot is only about 2½ miles from our house.

So, we’re stocked on mulch!

Now, how does this sale compare with other Home Depot mulch sales?  I watched last year and this was the best.  Hands down.  Even Memorial Weekend, it was $2.00 per bag!

Happy Mulching!

4/27 EDITED TO ADD:  I was at HD today and saw that mulch is on sale this weekend:  5 for $10.

Posted April 9, 2011 by koskashostas in Hostas

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