Cypress Mulch on Sale at Home Depot this weekend 3/31-4/4   Leave a comment

Since the most searched topic on this blog is Home Depot Mulch Sale, I decided to post that today, while at HD, I saw mulch:  $1.37/bag.  Folks, that’s half price!  And when you buy 100 bags each year, that’s a huge savings.  Now, how does this stack up to other sales?  Well, normally, it’s $2.75/bag.  Memorial weekend, it’s usually $2, same with July 4th.  Later in the season it drops down too, but generally, this is THE best sale around.

But, I have to caution you.  If you’re a perennial gardener, it’s a bit early to throw down mulch.  The soil still needs to warm up and the mulch will insulate it and keep it from being able to do so.  But there’s no reason why you can’t buy it and have it stacked on your driveway for 2 months like I did…no joke!

Check your local Home Depot ad here:


Posted March 31, 2012 by koskashostas in Hostas

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